Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chalk Board Brief Case ~ Kids Can Take the Fun With Them

Let your kids take the fun with them!

I cherish cool toys that can entertain, educate, and inspire creativity in children. That is why I added the Chalk Board Brief Case to our stores inventory. It is a fully self-contained toy with a handy rope handle so it can be take from room to room, home to grandmas, and even in the car for those long road trips.

The 'brief case' has a dry-erase board on one side, a chalk board on the other, complete with colorful examples of the alphabet around the edge, and it includes a box of colored chalk sticks, a dry erase marker, and a cute little eraser that looks like a mini version of the one their teacher uses. And all of theses items are stored inside the case and is accessible by sliding the lid off the chalk board side. There is plenty of room inside the case to add more dry-erase markers, and even some papers too!

The Chalk Board Brief Case is now available at The Baby Store Plus for just $14.99 each.

Recommended for kids ages 3 years and up. Dimensions are approximately 12" x 10"x 3"

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