Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Love Entering and Especially Winning Giveaways!

I love Giveaways, both hosting them and entering them. But especially Winning Them! Sometimes the host thinks its a little strange that The Baby Store Plus is entering their giveaways (I have actually had a few say that to me), but I am a real person too. I have grandchildren that I like to win things for and I also like to read reviews about new products that I might consider putting in my store. So if I win, I get to test the product out myself before ordering 12 cases of them to discover that the product quality is only so-so...or on the flip side, if I Love, Love, Love a product that I win, then I feel confident in buy 12 cases to put in my store and share with other mama's & grandmama's.

Here are a few that I have won recently and a little follow up to each prize:

I won a Bum Essentials Bumbino All In 2 Cloth Diaper from Dirty Diaper Laundry blog. I have been on a cloth diaper mission recently. Trying to figure our what cloth diaper brands I want to carry in my store. To qualify as a product that I will carry, first it has to be a quality product, and second, the company has to have people running it that I enjoy working with. So the best way for me to determine what cloth diaper brands I will stock in my store is to actually use the product myself. I had not tied the Bum Essentials diapers yet, although I was hearing a lot about them in blogs and on twitter so I really wanted to try one. I entered Kims giveaway and Won! The diaper arrived so fast, I wasn't even expecting it for a few more days at least. I took it home and went through the pre-washing process and eagerly used it on my grandson the next day at work...and I Loved It! So much so that I am now going to carry them in my store! Look for them to arrive Very Soon! Thank you Dirty Diaper Laundry and Bum Essentials!

I entered a Review/Giveaway for Rockin Green Soap hosted by Our Life blog. I had already tried a sample size packet of Rockin Green Soap that I received with a purchase of Cloth Mama pads from Talulah Bean, and I really loved the smell of my laundry after. I used it on some sheets that my dog bleed ALL over when he cut is paw. Rockin Green removed every last drop of blood! I knew that I wanted more of this product, so for fun I entered the giveaway and won. Before the bag even arrived, (which is did right away) I decided that I wanted this product for my store. So you can look for it to arrive this week at The Baby Store Plus. Also expect to receive a Free Sample with all future purchases of cloth diapers from us! Thank you Rockin Green Soap and Our Life blog!

I entered a review/giveaway for a Loop-2-Loop buckle-less belt for toddlers made by an Etsy mom, hosted by Toddler Mama's blog. I thought these were a very neat idea for toddlers who are tall and slim like my granddaughter Sydney. If she finds pants that fit in the waist they are so short they look like capri pants, so we have to get them long enough and use something to gather up the waist so they are not saggin and baggin all day. We love the Dapper Snappers that we currently use (and carry in our store), but we thought we'd try the Loop-2-Loop too. I chose the pink with white snaps since Sydney loves anything pink. They arrived pretty fast and we tried them out the very day they arrived. I loved them. I really wanted to carry them in my store along with the Dapper Snappers, however there are so many crazy federal requirements for lead and other toxins that I cannot carry anything that doesn't have certificates of testing compliance. Since she is small business she doesn't have any testing done on her products yet....but she should contact me once she does...I love them!

I won a Freckles Galore Crayon Roll-up (another great Etsy mom) hosted in a review/giveaway by Twee Poppets blog. My granddaughter chose the Ladybug Garden print...once again because it is really 'pink' and has ladybugs. As soon as it arrived Sydney opened it up and we happily discovered that she had included brand new crayons too! I did not expect that. Sydney was just oohing and awwing at it for quite a while. We were going on a long drive the next day so we took the Crayon Roll up with us and Sydney had a ball using the crayons and putting them back in the little pockets then rolling it up for me to tie it for her. I think this is such a nice simple product for little ones. You should check out Freckles Galore on Etsy because she makes lots of other sweetly simple products too.

There are more prizes, but these are the ones that really stand out in my mind right now. I hope you enjoyed reading about them and will visit the blogs that hosted such great giveaways, as well as the companies that were generous enough to offer their products as giveaways.

I do have one other prize that I won that I will actually be giving away in turn. It was a Gift Certificate for Ecomom that I won in a review/giveaway hosted by Children Teaching Mama blog. I used the gift certificate to purchase a bunch of Plum Organics Baby Food Pouches that use the new Boon Dispensing Spoons. I will be giving away 1 free pouch with each order of 2 or more dispensing spoons from our website. Cool way of giving back...which is especially fun because I LOVE Plum Organics Baby Food so much! Look for a post all about that later this week!

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to read all the way down to this point :) I would love it if you shared your thoughts, as well as your personal entering and winning experiences. If you are a blogger hosting a giveaway, feel free to add a link in your comment too!

UPDATE (July 13, 2010): Just today I Won something else! I won the Little Looster Booster! This will be perfect to use in my baby store since we have lots of little people that need to use the potty, and since it doesn't have to be moved for adults to use the potty, it can just stay there. What a Very Cool device. I won it from Los Angeles Mama Blog.

Anna ~ aka: the Baby Store Lady

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  1. I LOVE entering and winning too! And not that I have started hosting some on my blog I am finding they are fun on that end too. Lots of work,but way fun~! I am sorry to hear about the pillow pets. I wanted to win one or host one, but now I don't really want to bother with it. I don't want to host and my winner never receive thier win. Thanks for sharing.. please let us know if you ever get it.

  2. Glad to hear the reviews of the great things you won! I won a few good things lately too & it rocks! I've also been on the end of the "I won, but still haven't received anything" side (still am...I won a baby care kit in February & last month--June--they finally emailed me to say they were going to ship it. yeah, still no products. ugh!). I hope you get your pillow pal soon though!

  3. Same sentiment here! I love winning! I've won diapers from bumessentials, bumgenius, thirsties, lollidoo, pixie poppits, babyland, fuzzibunz, and babykicks!

    I love it so much that I decided to put together a fundraising/giveaway event of fluff on my blog to try and raise money for brother and sister-in-law's international adoption:

    I'm giving away diapers, giftcards, wipes, and detergent so far! And I'm hoping to find more sponsors!

    Great post! And I hope you get your pillowpet soon!

  4. It feels awsome to win!!!!! I've won almost 10 giveaways and I'm always looking for new one to enter.. I was thinking about wirting a post on my blog about it to encourage people to go ahead and enter, because If I win anybody can win!I hope you receive your pillow pet soon.

  5. I also love entering and winning giveaways too! I am visiting and following from Fancy Meeting You Monday. Happy escapes!


  6. Wow! Congrats on all of the loot! Sorry to hear about the Pillow Pets issue. I won a PP from a blog giveaway and didn't have any problems. Your grandson will LOVE his PP when/if he gets it, though! :-)

    Thanks for stopping by The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too! I am now following you back. Great blog!

  7. I'm a giveaways fiend as well - Someone has to win, might as well be me! It's been my goal throughout my pregnancy to see how much free swag I can get for this baby. ;)

  8. Congratulations! Looks as though you had quite the haul there. :-)

    Thank you for dropping by Hiccups In Time. Just returning the favor. :-) Will be among your newest followers.

  9. Hi Anna. You have won The Little Looster Giveaway!!! Congratulations! Please contact me for your prize.

  10. Congrats! Those are some wonderful wins!
    I have been wanting a pillow pet (the monkey too!) for my son's 3rd bday. But after hearing this I'm a bit apprehensive to spend time entering for one if they are that flaky. Please keep us posted on the outcome!


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