Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Lucky Pen Promotion ~ Just for Fun!

I love getting a little something extra with my purchases, don't you? Sure you do.

I love surprise's, I bet you do too.

I also love saving money, who doesn't?

Oh, you are going to love us...because we have combined all of these things into one Fun New Promotion that we are calling our "Lucky Pen Promotion!" Pretty simple name for a pretty simple promotion.

Here is how it works...

We always like to include a little something extra in every order that we ship. So we started including one of our really cool triangular pens with each order. I hand these pens out all over town locally. I'm affectionately known as the 'crazy pen lady' by our favorite waitresses, because I keep them well supplied in our pens. The waitresses love them because they are easy to hold with their triangular shape, smooth writing, and this shape also makes them less likely to roll off of a table and get lost.

To make receiving one of our really cool pens just a little more exciting we decided to have some of them printed with a special discount code right on the pen. The discount code will allow the holder of the pen to receive a 10% discount on every order they place in our online store for up to a Year! (The coupon code expires one year from now.)

To make things even more exciting, there are only a limited number of pens with the Special Discount Code printed on them. They will be randomly pulled out of my 'Pen Bin' where they are already mixed in with our regular supply of really cool pens. So when you make a purchase from The Baby Store Plus Online Store, you have a chance of receiving either one of our really cool pens with our name, website, & phone number on it, or one of our Special Pens with a Special Discount Code that is good until next July! What a nice Surprise that would be!

There are only 150 Special Pens mixed in with 450 really cool pens, so the odds are pretty good. Be sure to check your pen when you receive an order from The Baby Store Plus, it could save you 10% off of your purchases at The Baby Store Plus Online Store for up to a Year!

If you get one of our Special Pens in your next order, please post a comment below to let everyone know! Now don't include the discount code in your post, that is your little secret! Everyone, please tell me what you think of the Lucky Pen Promotion. Doesn't it sound Fun?

Coupon Codes expire 7/30/2011. Discount valid only in our Online Store. Odds of receiving a Special Pen with the Discount Code is approximately 1 in 4. Limited to 150 Specially Printed Pens with a discount code, available while supplies last.

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  1. That's a fun thing you're doing!!!

  2. Very cute idea! I Love your products!

    And your blog was chosen to be featured on our To-the-TOP Tuesday Blog Hop!!!

    Feel free to also grab he code and link up on your site as well!



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