Friday, July 16, 2010

Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent IS Rockin!

Rockin Green Soap IS Rockin!!

I recently received a sample of Rockin Green Soap (RnG) with an order of Cloth Mama Pads from Talulah Bean. I didn't try it right away because I have an HE (High Efficiency) washing machine and thought that powdered soap would not work well in it. I was wrong, but I will get to that in a minute.

I had heard a lot about how great Rockin Green is for Cloth Diapers for really deep cleaning the soakers to remove smells and stains. So when my Boston Terrier, Max, cut his paw open and ran all over my sheets leaving blood paw prints all over it before we could catch him and tend to his wound, I thought perhaps I would try the sample pack of Rockin Green to wash them. It couldn't hurt, I thought, and I knew that my detergent would not wash the blood out without leaving brown stains.

So I read the washing instructions on the packet and discovered that I could in fact use RnG in a HE machine. Because the HE machines uses so little water, a prewash wash necessary to pre-wet the clothes first. A bonus is that you use half as much RnG when you use a HE machine. I learned that I could have liquefied the powder and poured it in my machine like a liquid, but I decided to just pour the powder where the liquid goes. I tossed in the bloody sheets and my mama pads as well as a few towels too just so the load would be big enough. While running through a full wash cycle and a 2nd rinse I noticed how nice my laundry room smelled. Then when the spin cycle was complete it was time to see how well the RnG had done. I did not have high hopes because the blood was all over the sheet. But when I pulled the sheet out and examined it before tossing it in the dryer, I could not find a single blood stain...Not One! The sheet looked just like new!

A few days later I put a fresh towel on my hook before my shower, which was one that came out of that load. I stepped out of the shower and put the towel to my face to dry off and OMG, I could not believe how fresh it smelled. I just kept smelling it. I even made my husband smell it too. I am sure he thought I was nuts, but it smelled so good. By this point I was totally Sold on Rockin Green Soap. I wanted to wash all of my clothes, sheets, towels, bedding, everything in it.

That very day I got an email announcing that I had won a bag of RnG in a giveaway that I entered at Our Life Blog. I could not wait to get it. I loved Rockin Green Soap so much that not only did I want to use it exclusively, I also wanted to bring it into my store for my customers too. So I contacted Kim at Rockin Green and placed a nice big order. I also ordered a bunch of Sample packs so I can share them with you too.

So now, not only can you buy Rockin Green Soap directly from us at The Baby Store Plus Online and in-store, but everyone who places an order for Cloth Diapers will receive a FREE 2/4 Load Sample Pack!

Receive a FREE 2/4 Load Sample of Rockin Green Soap with any Cloth Diaper Order!

Rockin Green is one of the Top Recommended Laundry Soaps

for use with Cloth Diapers.

Find Rockin Green Soap in several wonderful scents, as well as a Bare Naked Babies (unscented) variety, in different formulations perfect for Soft, Classic, and Hard Water situations.

Here is a video of "Rocking Green VS the Other Guys." If you think your laundry soap is working well on your cloth should watch this video!

Anna ~ aka: the Baby Store Lady

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  1. Wow, I love the packaging and it obviously works very well. Great review of this product. I had never heard of Rockin Green before, but will have to try it out. Thanks for the info!

  2. That sounds great! I have two sons who get very frequent nose bleeds and we have so many blood stained things around this house. Maybe this would help!

  3. Hi Anna! Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog! I absolutely love your blog and am now a follower! Glad I found you because I'd like to try cloth diapering in the near future!


  4. Wow. Special detergent for cloth diapers. Totally makes sense but it's not something I thought existed.

    The packaging is cool too.

    Thanks for the follow.

  5. So glad you decided to carry RnG, it's the only one I trust for my diapers, even with the recall going on. I'll probably be ordering when my bag runs out :)


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