Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Potette Plus 2-n-1 Portable Potty Makes Potty Training On-the-Go much Easier

Potty Training On-the-Go Just Got Easier! Introducing the Potette Plus 2-n-1 Portable Potty & Trainer Seat.

There is nothing worse then being out shopping when your toddler says, "I Gotta Pee!" and the store refuses to let you use their bathroom (this really erks me!). Or the bathroom is totally 'Icky'. You don't want to tell your toddler to hold it and chance spoiling all of their wonderful potty training progress, so you have to figure out where you can find a potty, and Fast! Another bad potty training scenario, that I was recently discussing with some young mamas, is when Daddy is out with his daughter and she needs to use the potty. It is not always a good idea for daddy to take her in to a public men's room, especially a busy one, where her chances of get exposed to something she shouldn't see, are pretty high.

Well, I have the answer to both problems...the Potette Plus Portable Potty. It is a full-sized potty seat that folds up flat so you can carry it in your diaper bag, purse, or in your vehicle. It folds out quickly to become a short little potty seat when no potty is available, or it opens up to be a trainer seat/hygenic toilet seat for older toddlers or when the toilet is not as clean as you like. With the Potette Plus Potty you just open it up, place the absorbent liner inside and you have a potty seat, no matter where you are! Once your little one has finished, you just tie the tabs of the liner bag and toss it in the trash.

The Potette Plus is non-slip, durable, and comfortable. It is suitable for children from 15 months to 50lbs! Even though this is a 'portable' potty, you can use it at home too. At a price of just $14.99 each you can afford to have one at home and one for on the go. We now carry the Potette Plus 2-n-1 Portable Potty & Trainer Seat in Blue, Pink, and Bright Green colors. We also carry the disposable potty liner refills in 10 packs for just $4.99.

Anna ~ aka: the Baby Store Lady

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  1. What I wouldn't have given to have that when I needed it! My little guy needed to go immediately when it was time!

  2. That is why I ALWAYS allow little ones and pregnant mama's to use our store restroom, even though it is all the way back in our storage area. When you gotta go, you just gotta go!

    I refuse to shop at a store (again) that will not let a potty training child use their 'non-public' restroom. Do they have NO heart?



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