Monday, July 26, 2010

HOT New Coobie Bra Colors

"HOT" New Coobie Bra Colors!

I present to you what I think is, the 'Perfect Bra'. Nothing makes a girl feel sexier than a really pretty bra. Add in the bonus that this is THE Most comfortable bra that you will probably ever wear, and that the size is called FREE because it fits any woman from a size 32A to a 36D! Now top all of that off with a price so low that you can afford to buy 2 or 3 of them for the same price that you have probably paid for a single bra in the past. What do you get? You get the Perfect Bra...the Coobie Bra!

If you have known me for any length of time then you have probably heard me talk about the Coobie Bra before. I totally Love this bra for all of the above reasons. And now there are 6 more reasons to love it...Check out these Hot New Coobie Bra Colors!

If you have not tried the Coobie yet...what are you waiting for? With a price of just $16 - $20 who could afford to Not try one? If you are like most of my customers who have bought will be back for more very soon. I personally own 4 of them, and I will be adding to that collection now that Coobie has introduced some really pretty new colors. I am all over the new Mocha. It makes me think of Iced Coffee -my new favorite summer drink.

The Coobie bra comes in a Bandeau (strapless) for those strapless summer dresses, a Scoopneck for the simple yet sexy look, with a bit or decorative gathering in the front to keep the girls from becoming a uni-boob, and there is also the really sexy V-Neck Lace so you can let the lace peek through your shirt for the layered look without the layers. The wide band in the back also smooths out the look of your back so no unsightly rolls created by your bra. They each come with smooth line pads that can be removed if you don't want them. The strapped bras also come with a second set of clear straps so you can change out the straps when you need a strapless look. They are all Super Comfortable and so easy to care for. Just remove the pads before hand-washing, and lay out on a towel to dry. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Oh how I wish I had a nice flat tummy like that to go with my pretty Coobie Bra! Oh, by the way, you don't have to be that skinny to wear a Coobie. I personally wear a size 40B and the Coobie fits me just fine.

See a recent blog review by Amanda at My Life with Rats & More. Look for more reviews coming very soon!

Get your own Coobie Bra, or add some of these New Colors to your collection by stopping by our store in Cortez, Colorado or shop in our Online Store. We ship within 1 business day, (usually the same day) so you will have your New Coobie Bras right away!

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